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Candidate Referral Group

OK, we’ve already established that you are a valuable resource for all things technical and deserve to be treated like one! Why not earn a little money with this impressive network that you’ve worked so hard to create? We realize that you know the best of the best from a candidate perspective and want you to have the proper incentive to send them our way. We envision building a pro-active system where PeerNetwork CR Group members will tell us the technologies that they are most connected in and we’ll be able to send you an email with details about any new opportunities in those areas.

That is a bit down the road. In the meantime, we have created a LinkedIn group called the PeerNetwork CR Group. Joining and being approved will give you easy access to all PeerSource jobs and allow you to submit referrals to us. You’ll be able to adjust your notification settings for the LinkedIn group to be notified of any new jobs that PeerSource has, optimizing your opportunities to earn a referral bonus. Flexibility is the key. This is an opt-in on your part and you can stop receiving emails about our new positions anytime you want, and turn them back on when you are ready.

Here’s how you get paid:

Earn up to $500 when you help us fill our openings with candidates from your warm market (please don’t send us candidates that you wouldn’t hire yourself). The amount of the referral bonus money you receive will be based upon the amount of gross margin dollars earned by PeerSource as a result of your referral.

  • You must submit directly to PeerSource the name of the candidate along with their email and a phone. Do not leave it up to them to tell us that they heard about the position from you! We cannot pay for referrals when we are not notified by you directly for 2 reasons. The first is that this is incredibly hard to track. The second is that 90% of referrals will never contact us on their own. They’ll get busy, forget, lose our contact info, or something; but the best way to bring the two of us together is to get us your referral’s contact info.
  • The candidate cannot already be someone that we are talking to about positions or be previously referred by another source. We will let you know if your referral is already in our database when we receive your referral.
  • The candidate must accept and start a position with one of our clients within one year of your referral.
  • We can only pay you one referral bonus per candidate, up to $500; not one for each time they go out to work for us.
  • A candidate must have worked 600 hours in a contract position, or have met the guarantee period for a direct hire position in order for you to earn your full referral bonus. Referral bonuses for candidates who worked less hours in a contract position will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Bonuses will be paid after the related invoices have been paid to PeerSource.

I know what the pessimistic ones are thinking; that is a lot of ifs. You’ll find that we are a very fair group and very approachable about things like this. We do business the right way and want to make sure that we are financially responsible so that we’re around to give you bonus money for years to come!

Interested? Let us know. We encourage you to join our LinkedIn PeerSource Candidate Referral Group to stay plugged into all of latest positions. Competitors, recruiters, clients, and individuals whose identity we cannot identify are not eligible to join our group. JOIN HERE

Contact us today for more details and to see if you qualify.

Don’t make the mistake of discounting this as “small potatoes” because you can earn significant money with each of these groups, and may qualify for all of them! The PeerNetwork looks great on your resume and allows you to keep your skills sharp and relative. Even more valuable may be the relationships you build at our private events, on our trips and with other PeerNetwork members. Let’s move forward together.

For additional details, please contact us.