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Tired of your recruiting partners flooding your inbox with the wrong candidates? PeerSource has the solution! We're changing the way technical recruiting gets done through what we call our PeerNetwork.

Does your HR Manager hire the technical staff without first having someone do a technical interview and confirm that the candidate can do the job? Of course they don't! So why should an IT recruiter, who has never actually worked as a professional in the technology that they are recruiting for, make a final decision on which candidate their client should interview? They shouldn’t! Not alone anyway. The problem is that most IT recruiters just aren't qualified to do the deep technical interviews required to weed out the great candidates from the mediocre ones.

The PeerNetwork Subject Matter Expert Group is the answer!

Once our internal recruiting team has identified top candidates from a soft skills perspective, we leverage the wide technical expertise of our SME Group. This well-qualified network of tech professionals is retained by PeerSource to conduct technical interviews of our candidates prior to their submittal to our clients. Many of our SMEs are technical hiring managers themselves; if they tell us a candidate isn't a good technical fit, we don't waste our clients' time.

The result is greater efficiency, lower costs and less wasted time for our clients. For our talent, our unique system leads to great opportunities with targeted companies that best fit their skills.

Here's how it works. We take the time to understand your business and IT culture. Doing so enables us to consultatively assess your service requirements and collaboratively develop a solution to attract top talent. We only hire the best, most experienced technology recruiters that we can find; individuals with considerable time recruiting in the technology field and who know how to find candidates and narrow down the field. We then customize a system that our clients help us design offering the following services:

  • Sourcing and screening both active and passive candidates.  We know who the top technical professionals are, what they earn, where you can find them and when they’re available. We also understand their priorities and what it takes to recruit and retain them.  By leveraging our massive network of IT professionals and utilizing a referral-based sourcing strategy, we increase our selectivity, speed and effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your specific needs.
  • Conduct Face-to-Face interviews at a PeerSource office or via Skype with our candidates for local positions, and Skype interview all remote or national positions.
  • Schedule technical interviews with a PeerNetwork Subject Matter Expert in the technology that the candidate will be working with.
  • Detailed write ups for candidate submittals.  We personally present you with a fully-vetted shortlist of top professionals who match your requirements. All of our candidates are screened through a robust qualification process.
  • Skills testing, assessments, and benchmarking services as requested.
  • Background checks, drug screens, credit checks as requested.
  • Interview scheduling/coordination.
  • Offer negotiations for direct hires.
  • Relationship Management: Our commitment to ongoing contact drives consultant performance and retention through project completion. It also allows us to proactively plan for your upcoming workforce needs.

Our PeerNetwork is one of the key things that sets us apart. Members are Subject Matter Experts who know their technology inside and out. SMEs sign a detailed agreement with PeerSource and must qualify/prove their own abilities prior to providing technical interviews for our clients. Find out more on our PeerNetwork page or give us a call today at 303-867-1111. We're here to help with your contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire, and payroll needs.  We look forward to working with you!


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