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The Difference

With our unique vision in the marketplace, we help expand the capacity of your existing software development team by building your own Hosted Offshore Software Team in India.  Your offshore team can become a vital part of your staff, enabling you to reach your business goals.

We provide a strategic solution that offers long-term value.  We don’t sell services as a commodity; we see the value as being the people involved in the process.  We encourage our clients to work directly and have close interaction with their team.

Together, we can help to meet your ongoing development needs with purpose and precision.  Our partners is a US-owned company and with employees in the Indian office who have been recruited and hired to meet clients’ specific needs.  Our highly skilled employees become an extension of your company; we give you full access and remove all the barriers so that you get the most of out of your team.

Rather than viewing this personal connection with your team as a threat, we believe that over time your Indian team members will become colleagues that will add significant value as they become more familiar with your processes.

We’ll do our part to provide ongoing training, employee development, and a positive work environment that will help to keep your team happy and engaged.  These and other factors have led to attrition rates well below the industry average.

Not only will you have direct access to highly skilled team members that have been recruited to meet your specific needs, you will also leverage our partner’s 11 years of experience of doing business in India and the mindshare of the team.

We will work with you to establish a communication management plan to set forth clear priorities based on your goals.  Then, we will contribute suggestions for improved design, coding standards, development processes, application performance, and project management as you see fit.  The beauty of our service is that you are in control.  We do not force you to adhere to any strict set of processes.

Our partner is a Business as Mission company built on rock solid values.  We are not looking for short-term gains, but strive to build enduring partnerships with our clients that create lasting value.  And while serving our clients, we are seeking to make significant impact in the surrounding Indian community.   

Many companies and nonprofits require ongoing software development in order to reach their goals.  For a fixed monthly fee, it’s easy to get started and the long-term benefits of our simple, yet powerful software outsourcing service will quickly become apparent.

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