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Our PeerNetwork model allows us to offer a wide range of Technology and Healthcare IT Talent for our clients.

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Types of service we provide: Contract / Contract-to-Hire / Direct-Hire / Payroll Services


Whether you have a short-term project or you have a multi-year long program, we’re here to help you find the right candidate for the job. In addition, our Account Managers and Recruiters maintain contact with our consultants throughout the entire duration of the contract, making sure that they have everything they need to get the job done for you. Also, we'll keep in close contact with the hiring manager to check in on our services.


Being able to find talented full-time employees who also fit well within an existing corporate culture is one of the most significant challenges that companies face today. In order to meet this demand, we provide our clients with the option to hire our employees on a contract-to-fulltime basis. This staffing model offers our clients the opportunity to review our employees on a contract basis to ensure they are a strong technical and cultural fit for the company prior to hiring them directly as a fulltime employee. We always allow our contractors to convert, never locking our clients into a contract that exclusively keeps them as consultants.

Direct Hire

We will partner with you to find the best fit for the position. We use our rigorous qualification process to identify the right person for your full-time position, just like we do for a contract or contract-to-hire positions.

Payroll Services

Are you staffing up for a project, but don’t want to have the team on your payroll as FTEs? Are you in a hiring freeze, but want to add a certain candidate to your team and “house them” outside of your payroll? Do you prefer to have all new associates start out on the payroll of a third party as they go through their probationary period? We call this “payroll services” because our clients have the candidate and are simply referring them to us to house them for a period of time. PeerSource can help! In partnership with our sister company OnePoint, we have over 8,000 work site employees all over the US. We offer options with full benefits as well as options for those clients on a budget. Click here for more details.



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