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Our PeerNetwork model allows us to offer a wide range of Technology and Healthcare IT Talent for our clients.

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One of the truly unique and innovative things about PeerSource is our PeerNetwork.

With 3 ways to earn extra money at PeerSource, you decide how involved you want to be.

  • Subject Matter Expert Group - Use your expertise to help us interview potential candidates.
  • Business Development Group - You know local companies that need great people; help us build our network and earn clientele.
  • Candidate Referral Group - Help your peers succeed in their careers by introducing them to PeerSource.

We are building the industry’s most diverse and knowledgeable network of IT professionals and are selective about who is able to join our team. We offer 3 groups that, if qualified, allow you to earn extra money and build your network even while you continue in your full time career! Love what we’re building and want to be part of it as an internal associate, please let us know.

Each money hourly, on a referral basis or on commission. So what are your options for all of that extra $$?

  • Monthly Payment: You can elect to receive your earnings on a monthly basis
  • Trips / Rewards – Looking for something fun to get your blood pumping? Why not join PeerSource and other IT Professionals on a fun trip or at our next big event? You can accrue your earnings and even bring along your significant other!
  • Donate it – Don’t like to travel? Morally opposed to fun? Just don’t need the money? We’ve got a solution for you! Pick one of our supported charities and we’ll donate your earnings on your behalf. Got a favorite cause not on our list? We’ll give you the $ and you’re welcome to donate it to whichever cause you feel strongly about. Click the link above to see a list of our supported charities.

Contact us today for more details and to see if you qualify.

Don’t make the mistake of discounting this as “small potatoes” because you can earn significant money with each of these groups, and may qualify for all of them! The PeerNetwork looks great on your resume and allows you to keep your skills sharp and relative. Even more valuable may be the relationships you build at our private events, on our trips and with other PeerNetwork members. Let’s move forward together.

For additional details, please contact us.