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Our PeerNetwork model allows us to offer a wide range of Technology and Healthcare IT Talent for our clients.

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Technical Expertise

Through our HOST service we are able to recruit and hire personnel that meet our clients’ specific needs.  This service creates significant flexibility for our clients in terms of building diverse skills and expertise into their teams.

Over time, we have had the opportunity to recruit and hire candidates with a broad range of technical skills.  Due to greater levels of demand, we have developed a proficiency in recruiting and hiring employees with expertise in Microsoft, Open Source and database technologies such as these:

Our employees have a high-level of expertise in these technologies and several of our team members hold certifications in select technologies.  Because of the level of expertise, our resources are able to serve our clients in areas that include architecture, design, refactoring and performance tuning apart from just coding.

Because of the flexibility of our HOST service, we are not devoted to any one tool or technology.  Here is a partial list of the technologies we leverage.

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