Payroll Services

Leave the burden of doing payroll to the experts

PeerSource offers comprehensive payroll services in partnership with our sister company OnePoint Employer Solutions.

To successfully run your business you need to pay attention to the details!

Does that include payroll? Maybe not? Even though the detailed, complex payroll tasks that come with being an employer are very important, doing them is not revenue producing and can be tedious. Payroll tasks can stretch your resources and keep you from focusing on more important aspects of your business.

PeerSource & OnePoint can help!

With payroll services through PeerSource, we can take specific, or all of the headaches associated with your payroll:

What makes us different from our competitors?

Right Size

With over 8,000 work site employees around the US, we have the resources to handle your needs while maintaining a small company appreciation for your business


We are an efficient company with minimal overhead and cost structures that eliminate meaningless fees, allowing us to pass along the savings to you


OnePoint means one point of contact. We feel that in order for ultimate customer service to be achieved, a relationship must form! Come visit us and get to know your team