Referral Program

Make some money by leveraging your own network

Over 60% of all candidates find their next job through networking.

Why not make some easy money from that?

We all have a wide network of professionals in industries such as IT, accounting, and others.

Know of any who are currently on the market for something new? Know of any who are more of a passive candidate that may jump on a good opportunity if they see one?

Let us introduce you to our Candidate Referral Program via the PeerSource PeerNetwork.

This program allows you to refer to PeerSource the names and contact info of professionals within your own personal network. If you help us fill one of our many openings with someone you’ve referred to us, we’ll write you a $500 check!

To qualify, send us an email with your referral’s name, phone number, and email address. As long as they are not an active candidate we are currently speaking to and the person starts a new position within 1 year of the referral (and stays through our guarantee period), we’ll write you that check.

You have nothing to lose and only extra $$ to gain... connect with us to learn more!

Please send resumes to any PeerSource recruiter or to